About us

Alsalhin Company for coffee and its derivatives.

Alsalhin Company for coffee an its derivatives (the sons of Mustafa Zakzook and Soliman Saka) was found on August , 2013 in Syria.

Our vision

to make our company gain the first place of production and packaging hot drinks.

Our goal

At the beginning, our goal was to produce hot drinks which was not a new idea, but the idea is to give the consumer a taste that is not ordinary and makes him feel fully satisfied and uniqueness when using our products. So we were the leader company in the region of production and packaging coffee, cappuccino and other hot drinks. these days we produce more two dozens of hot drinks which we have worked so hard to bring it to the highest levels of quality and craftsmanship …

Because the customer is the best friend of our company, we made sure to continuous communicate with our audience of consumers and provide the best services to all customers and all the marketing segments (importer, wholesaler, Retail, final consumer) …

Our Brands